Installation of industrial machinery inBilbao

About us

We are Preven Oil, an engineering in which we develop and manufacture micro-filtration equipment for industrial oils, both hydraulic oils and lubrication.
We have more than 20 years of experience in the sector, because we started our corporate carrer in 1994. The most important contribution of the application of our system in machines of all types is that it is a preventive maintenance system, both for oil treated as for the mechanism that this oil lubricates or transmits power.
Our filters have a very new form of particle retention ana moisture of contaminated oils.
The fluid that is micro-filtered circulates inside the filter in the axial-tangential direction in a special cellulose mass and long fiber, which allows retaining micro-particles (up to 0,5 microns) so the moisture.
That  may contain the oil.


In Bilbao you can consult our team of professionals all your abouts. We have design engineers who are responsible for improving our equipment every year, tecnichal personel specialized in the assembly and commissioning of our equipment and an after-sales service to the client.