Filtered oil in Bilbao

Types of equipment

In Preven Oil we have some teams that perform the task of filtering oil efficiently stay with them.

We classify the equipment according to the flow rate of oil filtering they provide however, the choice of the appropiate model depends on the volume of oil to be filtered.

Portable equipment (autonomous off line)

Equipment PF-04E       350 l/hour   Cartridges: C-04G y C-04GV (deposits up 1/2.000 l).
Equipment PF-1           800 l/hour   Cartridges: C-1G y C-1GV (deposits up 5/6.000 l).
Equipment PF-2        1.600 l/hour   Cartridges: C-2G y C-2GV (deposits up 10/14.000 l).

Fixed equipment (conneted to the circuit - off line)

They use the shame cartridges as the portable ones

Equipment MF-1E              800 l/hour (maximum)                 (deposits up 2/4.000 l).
Equipment MF-2E            1.600 l/hour (maximum)                (deposits up 4/10.000 l).