Maintenence of machinery in Bilbao

Preventive maintenance in machinery

In Preven Oil we take care of the maintenance of fixed and portable machinery with the renewal of industrial oils.
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In portable equipment

The suction outlet (in) of the equipment is connected to the lowest possible point of the tank.

In fixed equipment

A connection of the TOMA IN of the filter is made at a point with pressure (8 to 250 bar) of the circuit to be filtered.
The circuit is isolated from the filter by the pressure reducing and flow regulating valves installed in it.​

Resuls obtained in both cases

Note: decontaminates not only the tank, but all the pipes and actuators of the hydralic circuit.
In oil (hydraulic or lubrication) retains:

      •      Particles up to 0,5 microns (both metallic and ceramic).
      •      Humidity: both condesation and emulsion due to accidental contamination.
And contributes:

      •      Longer oil life. It removes oxides and acids that degrade oil additives, losing viscosity and lubricating properties.
      •      Economic and ecological saving: by spacing oil changes and reducing the generation of hazar dous waste.