Recovery of contaminated oils in Bilbao

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At Preven Oil we have a lot of experience in the activities related to the recovery of contaminated oils.
If you have stored oils removed from machines because they are excessively contaminated, we can help you with the following methods:

  •  Let it decant for a period of 2 or 3 months and pump it to another container, neglecting approximately 150/200 mm from the botton. There are condensed most of the contaminants, both of the particles and moisture.
  • Put that oil in recirculation with one of our equipment, You would have to apply at least six recirculations to get an oil with a clean NAS class NAS 6 of the norm.
  • This recycled and recovered oil can be used as a complement mixed with new oil in periodic oil fillers that are made to the machines it supposes a great saving.


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